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We have a number of items that Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre would appreciate support for:

Trees: $275 per tree with a small plaque with your name and the name of the person the tree is in honour of.

Service Panels/Historical Information Panels: $275 gets your name listed as a sponsor on a historical or service panel.

Pedestals: $600 sponsors one pedestal that a service panel or historical information panel rests on. your name also gets listed as a sponsor on a historical or service panel.

Memory Benches: $2,500 for a metal, CnC'd bench with a wooden seat. Your logo and up to 2 lines of text. You get one for your office/home/garden and we get one for our gardens. See below.

FOB Two Hills AB

Or $6,500 for a single black granite bench.

This is the price for one bench with a logo and two lines of text.

Garbage Cans: $1000 - we will put a small plaque on the front of the garbage can.

With ALL Sponsorships, we will acknowledge you on the section that corresponds to your donation on our sponsors page.

Other items we need assistance with:

Furnishings - we require tables, 12 or 13 of them, 6' banquets and 80 folding or stacking chairs for small functions and school field trips.

Small pop cooler, small stove, hot water on demand water heater.

Security - CCTV System

Utilities - approx $600 per month for gas, electric, internet (wifi), water sewer and insurance per month. These are estimates as our building will not be installed until sometime September/October, 2019.


  • Donating of Bulbs, shrubs and perennials is always appreciated.
  • Volunteering time to weed or plant in the gardens, to wash down the service panels in the spring and fall.
  • Clear snow or help us otherwise keep the place clean and tidy.
  • Volunteering to help out during our own events at our facility.
  • We'd welcome you as a member for $25 per year!

Memory Benches

The Wayside Memorial Park Bench

Gives you an idea of what ours will look like - when you buy a bench for our gardens, you also get one for your gardens. Price is FOB Two Hills

Side Plate

Back Plate

Granite Benches