2020 Event

Indigenous Veterans Day at Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre (VMG+IC)

November 8th, 2020 marked the first time Indigenous Veterans Day was held completely at our own facility. In the past we have held the ceremony at the Afghanistan War Monument but had to have the luncheon afterwards at the Grande Prairie Friendship Centre.

This year, the Friendship Centre catered the luncheon at OUR own facility!

In spite of COVID -19 restrictions and only 15 people being allowed to attend the event, we streamed our event with the help of CIA Solutions, an Indigenous owned film house here in Grande Prairie and had over 700 people participate that way.

Our sponsor, Seven Generations Energy made that possible!

Photos by Diesel Powered Images Grande Prairie, above

Our edited version of the live ceremony, below

Indigenous Veterans Day 2020.mp4

Grande Prairie Friendship Centre


Thank you to all of our participants and our stellar volunteers Kali and Lania Rycroft