Get Involved

We, the Veterans Memorial Gardens Committee of the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association are on a membership drive!

You don't have to ride a motorcycle, be a veteran or a soldier to become a part of what we are creating here at the VMG & Interpretive Centre!

Volunteering time to weed or plant in the gardens, to wash down the service panels in the spring and fall is super beneficial to us.

You could clear snow or help us otherwise keep the place clean and tidy and we will need volunteers to help out during our own events at our facility, like Motorcycle Mondays and Indigenous Veterans Day.

We'd welcome you as a member for $25 per year although membership is not necessary to volunteer!

If you live closer to Edmonton you might want to check out the Wayside Fallen Riders Monument & Gardens in Two Hills Alberta and get involved with that project!

The CMTA is involved in communities in other provinces like British Columbia and Saskatchewan where the Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community Winners have been from!