The Afghanistan War Monument

Created for the CMTA by Gord Leaf of Sunset Memorial & Stone in Calgary, the Afghanistan War Monument was designed by Renee Charbonneau, the project lead.

The components that make up the Afghanistan War Monument

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The Afghanistan War Monument is the site where we commemorate Indigenous Veterans Day until the Batoche Memorial and Aboriginal War Monument miniatures are created for our Metis and Indigenous Service & History Clusters. It is also where we will celebrate/commemorate Canadian Forces Day and other military related events.

Afghanistan War Monument Unveiling Ceremony, October 2017

MP Chris Warkentin

MLA Wayne Drysdale

Mayor Bill Given

John Ferguson

Janine Saastad

Barry "Brutus" Drews

Regimental WO Shaun Peterson

Retired Col, John Conrad

Lt Col Jonathon McCully

Chaplain Pasolli, Loyal Edmonton Regiment

Unveiling the black Granite Monument

Founder, Project Manager, Renee Charbonneau

Thank you to everyone who made the Afghanistan War Monument a reality.

This project qualified for funding from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Commemorative Partnership Program (CPP) Community War Memorial Funding